August 31, 2008

Screen design?

_Double Negative
_Blackbox Digital
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_JAM Productions

August 30, 2008

Ready for Starcraft III?

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What they did and how they did it, for Android?

$275,000 Award Recipients:

1. cab4me
2. compare everywhere
3. ecorio
4. goCart
5. life360
6. locale
7. pciSay
8. softrace
9. tuneWiki
10. wertago

$100,000 Award Recipients:

1. breadCrumbz
2. cookingCapsules
3. maverick
4. pebbleBox
5. phoneBook2.o
6. piggyback
7. pockeyJourney
8. rayfarla
9. shareYourBoard
10. teradesk e-storage

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August 29, 2008

Craigslist and Politics?

+ serious voices?
Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin blogger?

2057 medical smart suit?

+ when you put on your clothing, you will go online?
+ doctor in your clothing?
+ your own health bookmarks in realtime?

August 27, 2008

Virus in space?

-alive and well on the International Space Station (ISS).

-a virus known as Gammima.AG.

-steal login names for popular online games.

-The laptops infected with the virus were used to run nutritional programs

-It targets a total of 10 games most of which are popular in the Far East such as Maple Story, HuangYi
Online and Talesweaver.

-the virus might have travelled via a flash or USB drive owned by an astronaut and taken into space

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eyePET anyone?

Using augmented reality, the simian-like creature appears to be aware of it's environment and surroundings and reacts to them accordingly.

120 by 12 foot video wall?

What can you do with NYC's newest and largest blank canvas?

How would you like a Modbook?

Photo courtesy of Axiotron Corp. and

August 26, 2008

Only 2,973,979 SPORE creatures?

"When you give players creative control, you have to expect they're going to do the unexpected," -WW

-eight-years-in-the-making game

-due out Sept. 7 for Windows PC and Mac

-allows players to go from squirming singled-cell organism to fully fledged space-dwelling civilization.

-Players can comment, post videos and download copies of other users' inventions from the "Sporepedia" and use them in their own game.

"'Spore' is an intersection between science and creativity," -WW

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August 25, 2008

Will hollywood go RED?

The Red One records motion in a whopping 4,096 lines of horizontal resolution—"4K" in filmmaker lingo—and 2,304 of vertical. For comparison, hi-def digital movies like Sin City and the Star Wars prequels top out at 1,920 by 1,080, just like your HDTV.

"In HD, what's right in front of the lens and what's 20 feet away are both sharp, so the image looks flat."

"I have a Bolex, Aaton, Arriflex, Eyemo, Filmo, Mitchell, Photosonic, Beaulieu, Keystone—just about every movie camera you can think of." _Jim Jannard

Steven Soderbergh: Che Guevara : bought 3

Peter Jackson: Crossing The Line : bought 4

Doug Liman: Jumper

Peter Hyams: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

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August 21, 2008

Palm Vein ID Scan?

-Used in Japanese automated teller machines for more than five years.

-Graduate Management Admission Council required to take a palm vein
scan to verify their identity.

-palm scanner is roughly 100 times more accurate than the average

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Weapon of Mass Destruction?

I want you to want me?

Jonathan_Harris + Sep_Kamvar = Respect!

August 11, 2008

Can you see me?

the material the scientists created had to have elements engineered to within 0.00000066 of a meter...
now who or what would you like to disappear?

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August 10, 2008

Have you met Sachiko Kodama and her material?

"The Anatomy of a Subway Hack"?

Why MIT students was ordered by U.S. District Court NOT to show "The Anatomy of a Subway Hack"?

System Hack:

- unlocked gates and unattended surveillance booths
- access fiber switches connecting fare vending machines to the unlocked network
- techniques to clone and reverse-engineer the MBTA’s CharlieTicket magnetic stripe tickets and CharlieCard smartcards

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Interactive LED Olympic Drummer?

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