March 31, 2009

Hacker: Dumb or Dumber?

Hacker caught not once but twice!

Name: Van T. Dinh
Age: 19 now 25
Location:  Pennsylvania
Crime: first person charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission with a fraud involving both computer hacking and identity theft.

March 28, 2009

Walking wishbone?

Wishbone by Arthur Ganson

Arthur Ganson inventor, kinetic sculptor, mechanical, engineer, a choreographer, and artist. Rube Goldberg meets Jean-Paul Sartre?

Explore more Arthur Ganson

Machine with Wishbone films by Randall Okita

March 24, 2009

Virtual Gold Farming in China?

About 130 other workers work for is Wow7gold, an Internet based company that makes more than £1m or $1.2 million a year selling in-game advantages to World of Warcraft players.

Researcher Richard Heeks at Manchester University, estimated 400,000 Asian workers are now employed in gold farming in a trade worth up to £700m or $879 million a year.

Li Hua one of the worker for gold farming in china earns £80-£120 ($80-150) a month.

Another, Eva Yuan, a 26 year-old graduate from a university who also speaks three different languages and earns up to £250 ($300.00) a month with the same conditions as Li Hua.

"virtual sweatshops" ?

"virtual division of labor"?

"power leveling"

"play money"?

World of Warcraft’s subscriptions alone went from 10m to more than 11m during 2008.

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March 21, 2009

Shinkansen average delay 6 second?

Shinkansen (literally meaning "new main line") everyone called it "Bullet Train"

Travel at speed of 190 miles per hours.

Capable of transporting up to 100,000 passengers each day.

For more than 45-year, nearly 6 billion-passenger and there have been no passenger fatalities due to derailments or collisions.

March 20, 2009

Future Auto: pay by use model?

In the near future instead of paying by minutes like your cell phone, you can buy miles for your car. Like your cell phone the car can be very cheap or even free if you sign up and buy miles per months. Why? The reason is because you only own the car not the battery! Like AT&T, Verizon, Tmobile, or any provider around the world for cell phone, Better Place will be the provider for auto. Better Place launched late 2007 and now Israel, Denmark, Australia, California, Hawaii and Canada have committed to Better Place for deploying the world’s first electric car networks.

Better Place

March 18, 2009

Will looking for details of UFOs land you in JAIL?

Well that depend, in the case of Gary McKinnon or "SOLO" is a Scottish hacker facing extradition to the United State to face charges of perpetrating what has been described by one prosecutor as the "biggest military computer hack of all time."
According to "Solo" he was just looking for details of UFOs. If found guilty he could face up to 70 years in a US prison. Should "SOLO" set FREE or GO TO JAIL?

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March 16, 2009

Who won the SXSWi 2009 Awards?

SXSW or South by Southwest
is a set of interactive, film, and music festivals and conferences that take place every spring in Austin, Texas. SXSW first began in 1987 and is centered on the downtown Austin Convention Center.

Here is 2009 winner of SXSWi:
  1. hulu
  2. james zabiela
  3. tweet congress
  4. jasmax
  5. lost zombies
  6. we tell stories
  7. gigotron
  8. aviary
  9. the bygone bureau
  10. nvidia
  11. flickr
  12. addictionary
  13. ali felski
  14. the cycle by recyclebank
  15. modernity
  16. things i have learned in my life so far
  17. projectmiso
  18. why so serious

March 15, 2009

What's eye tracking search?

Eye tracking is the process of measuring either the point of gaze ("where we are looking") or the motion of an eye relative to the head.

Here are few questions Google want to know:
Where did your eyes go first when you saw the results page? Did they go directly to the title of the first result? Did you first check the terms in boldface to see if the results really talk about tying a tie? Or maybe the images captured your attention and drew your eyes to them?

As a result the information will let Google know how to improve their products and
services for both user and advertiser. Is that Evil or Good?

Space LIVE launch CAM?

From left are Mission Specialists Richard Arnold and Steve Swanson, Pilot Tony Antonelli, Commander Lee Archambault, and Mission Specialists Koichi Wakata, John Phillips and Joseph Acaba.

Red Team?

Ice Team?
Cost 1/2 B$ to launch?
Travel at 25X the speed of sound?

March 14, 2009

Wireless levitating lightbulb?

Design By Jeff Lieberman

BS Physics, BS Math, Masters in Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Media Arts and Sciences, Jeff Lieberman with his extensive knowledge explore the future of wireless power and levitating combine. The result is simply "magical"!

The lightbulb remain on for years without any physical contact, charging, or batteries.
Consumes less than half the power of an incandescent bulb.

Jeff Lieberman interviewed by studio360

March 13, 2009

Mind controls that could be worth billions?

Design by Emotiv

Smart, ambitious, and disciplined Tan Le President, Co Founder Emotiv Systems predict in ten years:

  • We will go around in a world that will respond to our mental commands.
  • Fed by data wirelessly streaming in from a few freckle-size sensors embedded in your scalp.
  • Your stereo will know when you are feeling blue and what sort of music cheers you up.
  • Movies will know when you are getting bored and cut to the action.
  • Car advertisers will know when you are feeling the need for speed.
  • Your doctor will know when you are depressed.
  • Doors will open at your mental command.
But for now Emotiv is exploring with entertainment such as gaming, now you will be able to vaporize onscreen enemies with an angry thought, have your online characters smile when you smile, and see video games react to your level of excitement.

Emotiv already got 5,000 preordered through their website at $299.

March 12, 2009

An intelligent learning agent...SIRI?

Credit: Howard Cao

Siri is working on virtual personal-assistant software, which would help users complete tasks rather than just collect information. An all-star team of designers and engineers drawn from Google, Yahoo, Apple, Motorola, Netscape, RealTravel, SRI, NASA, and Xerox PARC. The orgins of Siri is from CALO stands for “Cognitive Assistant that Learns and Organizes” financed by DARPA stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Siri is planning to release a public version of its product in the first half of 2009.
Mobile users will get the first shot at it and will perform only specific types of functions, such as helping make reservations at restaurants, check flight status, or plan weekend activities. Are we moving from "search engine" to "do engine"?

Learn More. Siri

March 10, 2009

Why Mathematica?

Mathematica is a computational software program used widely in scientific, engineering, and mathematical fields and other areas of technical computing. It was originally conceived by Stephen Wolfram and developed by a team of mathematicians and programmers that he assembled and led. It is developed by Wolfram Research of Champaign Illinois. (source: wikipedia)

Mathematica Application could use for modeling, simulation, visualization, development, documentation, and deployment.

Example: Solving Life's Solar Battery

Biophysicist Melih Sener used Mathematica to piece together the puzzle.

Learn More. Wolfram Research Mathematica

March 9, 2009

i cocoon?

"i cocoon" is a 360 degree immersive display screen by NAU.
The "i cocoon" may be use for many applications such as gaming, remote working, communications solution, education, fitness, and even relaxtion.

March 8, 2009

"I was broke for more than 10 years" Evan Williams?

Yes! Evan Williams is the man behind Twitter.

Before Twitter, Mr.Williams produced CD-ROMs and a video on how to use the Internet to
Web hosting to Pyra Labs to Blogger to Odeo.

Now Twitter is one of the most talked about startup. According to Compete, Twitter growth is 752% for 2008, and just on December Twitter have a total of 4.43 million unique visitors.

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Fast forward to 4:18 for Evan Williams.

YouTube remixed ThruYOU?

YouTube remixed ThruYou

Kutiman put together a collective mixes from people all around the world on Youtube.
As a result of the first movement according to Kutiman 7 tracks for everyone to enjoy.

Press PLAY

March 7, 2009

What's Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality or AR is is a field of computer research which deals with the combination of real-world and computer-generated data (virtual reality), where computer graphics objects are blended into real footage in real time. 

Past, Present, and Future Applications of Augmented Reality include:
  • Fields of augmented reality
  • Outdoor Augmented Reality
  • Mobile Augmented Reality
  • Ubiquitous computing
  • Augmented stereoscopic reality
Check out some of AntiVJ augmented reality live performances and installations. 

Marissa Mayer "Eat your own dog food"?

Google’s first female engineer.
Newsweek, which called her “one of the most powerful women of her generation.”
At 32, vice president of search products and user experience, Mayer manages 150 product managers, who direct the efforts of nearly 2,000 software engineers.
Products such as Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Books, Google Images, Google Healths, and many more other Google's services. Below is Marissa Mayer first time appearance on Charlie Rose.

March 6, 2009

In search for Earth 2.0?

5 things about Kepler:

1. Scheduled to launch March 6, 2009
2. The world's first mission with the ability to find true Earth analogs
3. Three-and-one-half-year mission
4. Largest camera ever launched into space, a 95-megapixel
5. So powerful it could detect one person in a small town turning off a porch light at night

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Kepler Mission

March 5, 2009

What's missing beside TOUCH, TASTE, and SMELL?

Five senses:

See? Yes.
Hear? Yes.

In order for virtual world to simulate the real world all five sense must be YES!
Researchers think they can achieve that now, and the only thing they missing now is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

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March 4, 2009

Who is in Room 2048?

Memories, Passion, Commitment, Dedication, and True Love...
World Builder by Bruce Branit

Notes: was shot in one day and took two years for post production.

World Builder from Bruce Branit

Blind man driving...with bionic eye?

Ron, 73, lost his sight for 30 years ago

Thanks to company like Second Sight Ron is able to drive and sort out sock! Second Sight ® Medical Products, Inc., located in Sylmar, California, was founded in 1998 to create a retinal prosthesis to provide sight to patients blinded from outer retinal degenerations, such as Retinitis Pigmentosa.

Watch Ron

How bionic eye work?

Second Sight

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March 3, 2009

Bookmark on steroids?

Thanks to arc90 Lab, now anyone could read anything online without all the links and ads!
How will this affect Reader, Publisher, Advertiser and Blogger?
Head over here to try it out! Readability

March 2, 2009

Hope and Dream...Microsoft 2019?

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Detachable Screen + Touch Screen + 10 to 15 hours of battery life?

Always Innovating is a new company based in Menlo Park, Calif. 
They are challenging laptop computer, handheld game device, e-book reader and video player, the multi form factor with their new Touch Book! Here are their spec:

The specifications
  • 9.4" x 7" x 1.4" for 2 lbs (with keyboard)
  • ARM Texas Instruments OMAP3 chip
  • 1024x600 8.9'' screen
  • Storage: 8GB micro SD card
  • Wifi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth
  • 3-dimensional accelerometer
  • Speakers, micro and headphone
  • 6 USB 2.0 (3 internal, 2 external, 1 mini)
  • 10h to 15 hours of battery life

Starting at $299!

March 1, 2009

IBM + Dr.Dharmendra Modha = Cognitive Computing?

India-born, 39 years old computer science engineer Dr.Dharmendra Modha has put together neuroscientists, computer engineers and psychologists from IBM, Stanford, Cornell and Columbia Universities to simulate a human brain on a supercomputer.  

"The plan is to engineer the mind by reverse-engineering the brain," says Dharmendra Modha...

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