May 29, 2010

What's MAST?

Micro Autonomous Systems Technologies (MAST). Boys and Girls this is not your ordinary RC!!! Developed by Students at UPenn, with the speed and precision, no human will ever escape from it!!

May 26, 2010

First human infected by computer virus?

What if you get infected by a computer virus? How would you scan yourself? Dr.Mark Gasson a scientist from UK infected himself with a computer virus to studies risk in implant device in human body. Learn More

May 15, 2010

iPad + news = Pulse?

Love your iPad? Love news? Maybe you might like Pulse.
An impress Apps took two guys only 4 weeks to do!!!

May 11, 2010

Got Square?

Boys and Girls Square is finally up!!! For those of you who know about Square this is the time to make some money or spent some money!!! And for those who have no idea what Square is about, please check out video below.

May 10, 2010

How much Dollars, Watts, and Gallons of Gas do you use?

Ever wonder how much Dollars, Watts, and Gallons of Gas you use per Month or per Year?
Check out GE Interactive Appliance Usage to learn and compare which appliance use the most or the least energy.

May 4, 2010

How to build a Time Machine?

Ever wonder how to build a Time Machine? Well wonder no more, thanks to the famous Physicist Stephen Hawking! "The fastest manned vehicle in history was Apollo 10. It reached 25,000 mph. But to travel we'll have to go more than 2,000 time faster!" Stephen Hawking. Read More.

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